AAPharmaSyn can support potential clients in the following areas:

Custom synthesis of organic compounds (milligram to hundred gram scale)

  • Advanced intermediates for medchem research
  • Reference agents and competitor compounds
  • Metabolites 
  • Stable isotope labeling expertise
  • Route design and optimization
  • Scaffold and building block design 

Medicinal chemistry research support 

  • Structure-Activity-Relationship (SAR) strategy design and execution 
  • Screening hit structure evaluation and re-synthesis 
  • Hit to lead and lead optimization 
  • Lead compound scaleup for advanced studies 
  • Process route optimization and feasibility studies 
  • Multiple therapeutic area expertise 
  • Management and economical off-shoring of large scale projects

Flexible contractual relationships are available and include Fixed Bid, Time and Materials and Full-time Equivalents (FTE). For business information or quotes, please call (734-213-2123) or send us an e-mail:

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